Annual Fund

The 2017 American Renaissance School Annual Fund kicks off today! The Annual Fund is one of the most important fundraising events of the year. This year we ask: where is your heart?

As you may know, charter schools receive significantly less funding than regular public schools. While regular public schools within school districts receive state money not only for instruction, but also for facilities, salaries, and other special programs, ARS receives only instructional money, but must build its entire budget out of this single funding stream.

As a result, ARS relies heavily on the support of our families and the surrounding community. Donations to the Annual Fund go directly into an Annual Fund line item, which we use to pay for items that don't make it into our operating budget. And as a 501c3 non-profit organization, donations to our Annual Fund are tax-deductible!

Where exactly will your donation go? Directly to many projects and initiatives that wouldn't be possible without your support! There are many tangible results of past Annual Fund donations in both campuses. Recent projects funded in part by Annual Fund donations include:

  • Tradd St. field & playground
  • Smaller class sizes in ELA and Math at the Middle Campus
  • Ongoing improvements to the Donovan Cook Center
  • Revamped main entry at the Elementary Campus (coming February 2017)
  • Stage area improvements for large group activities at the Elementary Campus (coming February 2017)
  • Information screens featuring current events & students in both campuses

As we look to the future, we need your continued support not only to help the school maintain, but also to help us grow — in size, in space, and in program and grade level offerings.

So: where is your heart? We hope to find it hanging in the front window of one of our two campuses! For each donation, we will write the donor's name on a heart and hang it in one of our windows. We implore you — donate today! Our goal this year is not a monetary goal, but a participation goal: 100% participation among our families, staff, and board. Any amount will help support your school today and in the future. Show us where your heart is!

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