Fall 2017 MAP Reports

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Parents will receive Fall 2017 MAP results via email on Friday, September 14. Interpreting MAP reports can be a bit confusing, so we've put together a few resources to help.

MAP — or Measures of Academic Progress — is implemented at ARS to help our teachers adapt their instruction based on the needs of their students. The MAP test is administered at the end of Quarters 1 (Fall), 2 (Winter), and 3 (Spring) for grades K-8. At the end of the year, K-2 students will take a final MAP test (Summer) while 3-8 students take the North Carolina End of Grade test. ARS administers MAP tests on three subjects: Reading (K-8), Math (K-8), and Science (5 & 8). The MAP test for each topic varies in length, but each test is typically around 50 questions. The difficulty of the questions adjusts based on student performance throughout the test. Everything about a MAP test is individualized for each student.

The scoring system for MAP is called the RIT, or Rasch Unit, Score. A RIT Score is a unit of measure developed based on the difficulty of the questions presented to students. Measuring student performance by the RIT Score is similar to measuring student heights using a ruler. The score is independent of a student's age or grade level; however, performance is measured based on the standard RIT score for students in a particular grade level across our school and nation.

The RIT Score derived from a MAP test is predictive. Based on studies done by NWEA — the Northwest Evaluation Association, creators of the MAP test — the system is able to predict both expected growth for a student on future MAP tests, as well as the NC EOG test score a student can expect to receive based on their RIT.

MAP tests results are also cumulative, so teachers are able to identify trends over time. This can help them tailor additional support specifically targeting topics that a struggling student may have had trouble with in the past. The report that is sent home to parents will show all MAP tests a student has taken at ARS, so they also get a snapshot over time.

Based on the results of MAP testing, we're able to see what topics our students already know and which topics they need more time with. Additionally, we're able to import our students' MAP test results into Study Island, which creates an individualized learning path for students to work through based on their needs.

Below is a link to the NWEA Parent Resources page, which provides a wealth of information for parents. Also attached is a sample MAP test report with a key and specific descriptions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

NWEA Resources for Parents

NWEA MAP Student Progress Report Sample / Key


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