Morgan Franklin Fellowship Educational Program

Oct 9, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

The Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation, Inc. (MFF) was founded by Peter Morgan in 2014. MFF is a unique student educational program designed to give youth ages 12-20 the opportunity to learn financial literacy. In year two of the program, accepted Fellows invest in the stock market without any personal risk to themselves, their parents/guardians, program Mentors, or Sponsors. Each Fellow invests the money loaned to him or her for purchases in the stock market for up to fifteen years for educational purposes. In addition, the Fellow has the potential to build earnings (the amount of the gain from his or her stock portfolio) which are required to be placed in a Roth IRA opened by the Fellow. MFF will also facilitate additional educational opportunities if desired by the Fellow such as job shadow and internship openings.

MFF Business Brief

MFF Student Application


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