Community Spotlight: Officer Beatty

Feb 6, 2017 -- Posted by : admin


When he was a little boy he wanted to be a State Trooper, firefighter, and a truck driver, Officer Tony Beatty accomplished all of his goals and more. He was kind enough to visit the eighth grade journalism class to tell us about his job and himself. Currently, Officer Beatty patrols downtown Statesville as the Downtown Impact Officer. Almost everyday he patrols downtown stopping by the local businesses and schools, just to make sure everything is how it should be. Officer Beatty doesn't ride around town in a car everyday, sometimes he patrols on foot and sometimes on his bike which he wouldn't give up for a car any day. (Well, maybe if it's raining)

The reason Officer Beatty loves his bike so much is because it's much "stealthier." It can maneuver and get into places a car can't. With his bike it makes the interaction with people in the community so much easier and according to him this is the best part of the job. We asked Officer Beatty how long he has worked for law enforcement, and were astonished when he told us that he has been working there for over sixteen years. (That's older than me!)

Officer Beatty was born in Moorseville and he attended North Iredell High School, (Go raiders!), he also attended Mitchell Community College to study criminal justice. When riding around town Officer Beatty might stop by his favorite restaurant, 220 Cafe. So if you see him riding around town make sure to stop and say “hi!"


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