Book Bag Program

Aug 12, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

We are excited to announce that the BOOKBAG PROGRAM is BACK! This program is organized by volunteers to provide nutritious meals and snacks to ARS children over weekends and extended school breaks.

In order to make this program a success, we need your HELP!

Please consider…

  1. donating non-perishable foods, such as
    • canned vegetables, beans, fruit
    • canned meats-tuna, chicken, beef stew, etc.
    • microwaveable mac & cheese cups, Chef Boyardee cups, soups, popcorn, etc.
    • applesauce cups, fruit cups, jello cups, pudding cups
    • peanut butter, jelly
    • raisins, fruit snacks
    • oatmeal packets, grits packets
    • granola bars, nutrigrain bars, poptarts
    • cans and cups with poptops are preferred as well as foods that are individually wrapped
  2. donating grocery bags
  3. volunteering to help sort and bag the food each week

Food donations can be dropped off at both the Elementary (inside the backdoor at carpool) and Middle School (near Ms. Waugh’s desk). There will be large plastic containers labeled BOOKBAG PROGRAM.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Program Coordinators, Brandy Stewart, Margaret Kincaid, Sara Johnson or Emily Robinson

No child should EVER go hungry! Together, we can make this BOOKBAG PROGRAM a SUCCESS!


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